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== Update ====================================
A new version of the game Astervoid 2000 has been
released on Steam!

Astervoid is a 2D local multiplayer deathmatch game set in space. 2 - 4 players dogfight through a sea of asteroids to be the first to rack up 10 kills.

* This game requires 2 - 4 dual analog gamepads


  • Left analog to move
  • Right analog to aim
  • Right bumper (or R1) to shoot


Design/Art/Development: Justin Luk
Music/Sound Effects/Additional Development: Chuck Bergeron

Playtesting: Tyler Ko, Elijah Ng, Vera Khramova, Katia Jitlana, Carly Poznikow


If you need a hand or notice any bugs please feel free to contact me: justin@madcapacity.com

** NOTE: The Linux build is untested, so if anyone gets a chance to try the game on Linux I'd love to hear how it worked out.

Website: http://www.madcapacity.com

Twitter: @madcapacity

Change Log:

V1.03 ========= 2015-07-20

- Increased dead zone of the aimer even more
- Any bumper will now fire
- Making the main menu easier to join
- Player now quickly flashes when the missile is ready to fire
- Increasing max number of audio sources that can play at once
- Changed projectiles hit box to be more accurate
- Upped the position iterations for more physics accuracy
- Fix: Charged shots destroy smaller shots

V1.02 ========= 2015-07-15

- Changing name in credits
- Fix: player could press the space bar to activate player 1
- Fix: shield hit sound will play when the winner is hit
- Fix: player shields no longer show above the Player win text
- Fix: Audio drop out when lots of sounds are playing
- All player scores are now shown at the end of a match
- Updated instruction screen

V1.01 ========= 2015-04-29

- The dead zone for the right analog stick (aiming) was increased
- Fixed a bug that would cause projectiles to get stuck when fired
at tiny asteroids right in front of the player
- Added the credits and version number to the title screen
- Added a custom icon to the executable
- Shifted players starting positions around slightly in the arena


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