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0:58 is my record


Love the art style!

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1:32 record, cute game, I could play it for hours ^.^

Cool game! Looks great and good sound as well! My record is 00:56

Thanks a lot Lars!

omg this is so adorable <3 <3 i love it

Thanks a lot for playing :D

This game is adorable! :3 Love it, great job and wonderful art style <3

Thanks so much! The artist's did such a great job.

Love the art direction! I could play this game foever :D

Thanks for playing! The artists are @KatePrescesky and @demonography - they did a phenomenal job!

Great short game! The cats look really adorable. This reminded me to update my game, lol. I really need to try out some game jams, myself.

BTW, I'm getting weird performance issues on Chrome, especially on Firefox, for some reason; the native executable works great though!

Thanks a lot man! You're too kind for the donation :)

Yeahhhh... I learned a lot while making this. Wayyyy too many objects in GameMaker, there's a lot I'd change for optimizations for HTML5.

I'd love to see an update to your game!

Not a problem! I don't have much experience with GameMaker, but I heard it's quite flexible. I should have made my game with it since the engine I used gets more unstable the larger the game becomes.

What did you use to make Cat Tails?

Construct Classic.

So cute! I love all the cute cat animations, especially how Velo Kitty's tail waves as he bikes! It was fun to play, nice work.

Thanks for taking the time to check it out Celia! :D

Very cool, colorful, cute and fun, specialy like the "BadCats".

Great Work

Thanks so much for taking the time to check it out :) I'm glad you enjoyed it.