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Astervoid 2000 is a high energy, 1 - 4 player local-multiplayer action space brawler. It's made to be played with friends (or enemies) on a couch in front of a big TV w/ a decent stereo and a few dual-joystick gamepads (Xbox or PlayStation controllers will do).

Survive solo or dogfight with your friends. Dodge asteroid storms, blast across the void of space and take advantage of destroying freighter ships to catch your foe in massive explosive bursts.

  • Weapons, ships, environmental hazards and backgrounds are all lovingly crafted pixel art.
  • Quick to learn, challenging to perfect. Knowing when to charge your shot, employ the fireball melée or discharge canons from a safe distance is half the battle.
  • War with your friends at parties, or when you're simply chilling on a Friday night.

* This game is best experienced with 1 - 4 dual analog stick gamepads


  • Left analog stick to move
  • Right analog stick to aim
  • Right bumpers (R1 or R2) to shoot, charge missile attack
  • Left bumpers (L1 or L2) to boost, unleash fireball melee after charging


Design/Art/Development: Justin Luk
Music/Sound Effects/Additional Development: Chuck Bergeron



Website: http://www.astervoid2000.com

Twitter: @madcapacity & @chuckbergeron

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